Voucher won and invested in the Route 66

Date: 2016-01-24 · Category: USA


With Reuthers on a 15 day Route 66 Tour

In this chapter of the blog series “Tour of the Month” the focus is on the Route 66 Motorcycle Tour. Reuthers wishes you lots of fun while reading…

I would actually like to thank my brother-in-law, for taking me along to the INTERMOT in Cologne. He is an admitting Harley-Davidson Fan and I wasn’t interested at that time too much in two-wheelers – until I sauntered with him over the INTERMOT. For a long time I have been interested in traveling and so the Reuthers booth held us capitivated for hours.

What did we take home with us? Wanderlust and a voucher that I won at the Reuthers Biker Bingo. Together we decided: We will invest in the Route 66 Dream Tour and we put our decision in 2015 into practice. The Motorcycle Tour on a Harley-Davidson was no comparison to the car tour, I made a few years ago, because to experience the Route 66 with Reuthers is to LIVE and BREATHE the Route 66.

During the Welcome Dinner in Chicago it was already quite clear: Our international group was great and we all wanted to have a lot of fun on the fabulous Route 66 heading to the west coast. Starting in Chicago we headed toward Amarillo through, Springfield, St. Louis and Oklahoma City. In addition to cruising along we visited well known landmarks and secret biker clubs were in focus which our tour guide accompanied with exciting stories.

Especially fascinating for me was the Cadillac Ranch, which welcomed us with ten upright Cadillacs that are dug into the ground. Quite ladylike I remember also quite happily our stop in Santa Fe, the place where shopping is twice as much fun.

From my point of view we could have stayed longer in Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon because these natural beauties are truly unique and perhaps even our next goal on the next Reuthers Tours, because the Best Of West Tour includes these two highlights in its program.

Unfortunately we had no luck in Las Vegas so we will again visit the next Reuthers Road Show in order to implement the next win from the Reuthers Biker Bingo. Tip: Next Road Show from January 29 – 31, 2016 at the Motorradwelt Bodensee in Friedrichshafen and next Route 66 Tour May 3 – 17, 2016

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