Tour of the month: On USA road trip in the west

Date: 2015-07-06 · Category: USA


“Planning motorcycle tours has to be learned – Reuthers can do it”

Start of the new blog series “Tour of the Month”! In future every month under this column an experience report will appear in the Reuthers Blog. Reuthers wishes you lots of fun reading… In the first episode we head for the west coast of the USA.

Wanting to go on a road trip in the USA is one thing. Planning a motorcycle tour is something completely different. I unfortunately had to find out myself when I was trying to plan, with great intentions, my own USA road trip, my own motorcycle tour. I found a rental location and I could read in numerous forums which highlights I must see along the west coast of the United States. However I reached my limits when I tried to book hotels for my USA road trip. I could not plan how long it would take for the different stages and resigned after hours of research on how you can plan a motorcycle tour. But I did not put the dream of a USA road trip to the side. I started looking for a professional, who would be able to plan a motorcycle tour for me. I found this professional in Hermann, the owner of REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS / Reuthers Motorcycle Tours.

USA Road Trips planned by a professional

Reuthers has ten USA Road Trips in their program. I thought that there should probably be the right tour for me – and I was right. As a “Reuthers Newbie” I booked the Reuthers Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tour USA, entitled “Best Of West“. Knowing how time consuming trying to plan a motorcyclce tour on my own actually is, I very quickly came to the decision to book a GUIDED TOUR – though up until then I didn’t think much of group tours. The difference was: The USA Road Trip with Reuthers was far from being a group tour because Reuthers tours are Reuthers Enjoyment Travel.

For Reuthers planning a motorcycle tour means: Mixing highlights and surprises

What did I experience? Of course “The Best of the West” – what else would you expect with such a tour name? The start of our USA road trip was in Los Angeles. From there we started along the coast – on the famous Highway 1 – in the direction of San Francisco, which belongs to every west coast tour as well as the fact that the Golden Gate Bridge disappeared in the fog also during our visit. What I especially liked about the planned motorcycle tour by Reuthers was the fact that after the “predictable” the “unexpected” was not neglected. For me it was for example, the trip on Highway 50, which could be described as one of the most deserted roads in the USA.

I chickened out of the booked helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon, which in fact is an integral part of Reuthers USA Road Trips. I preferred the sattle of my Harley-Davidson ten times more. In addition, I was able to admire from the safe ground this gigantic nature highlight. At least just as breathtaking were the impressions from Bryce Canyon and the Zion National Park. You can find out more about the tour details on the Reuthers Homepage – but let me tell you: The Reuthers Team keeps their promises! A personal statement: A great thank you for this breathtaking USA road trip and the professionally planned Motorcycle Tour – with highlights and surprises.

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