Tour of Superlatives: the Reuthers Harley-Davidson Florida Sunshine Tour

Date: 2015-06-16 · Category: USA


A piece of San Francisco – on the Reuthers Harley Davidson Florida Sunshine Tour

Astonishment grows. What does San Francisco, the city on the west coast of the USA have in common with the Sunshine State Florida that even is geographically on the opposite side of the country namely on the east coast of the USA. Certainly, both US cities are the destination of many tourists and also firmly anchored in the tour offers of Reuthers Harley-Davidson Reisen but there is more that links the interesting destinations that are as different as day and night.

Scott McKenzie is the joint denominator. The singer was born in 1939 in Jacksonville Beach, in the state of Florida – and became well known through his world hit “San Francisco”. Philip Blondheim, the real name of Scott McKenzie, originally toured with a folk trio, the “Journeymen”, but he waited in vain for success. Then John Phillips, the singer of “Mamas and Papas” wrote for the then solo singer Scott McKenzie the worldwide hit – “San Francisco” – which was to become the anthem of the Monterey Pop Festival, the “Summer of Love” and the flower-power movement.

With Reuthers on tour through the Sunshine State of Florida

The participant can experience further surprises on the Reuthers Harley-Davidson Florida Sunshine Tour starting on November 6. Because the next Reuthers Harley-Davidson Florida Sunshine Tour starts. For early birds Reuthers currently has a 10-percent offer ready. The following applies: Full service, less costs.

What the participants can expect, is revealed in the route description. The start is in Miami. Afterwards it’s off to the Everglades to get in close contact with the alligators. The Reuthers Special: On the way the smallest US American post office is visited. Bonita Beach, Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island are the next tour highlights. The Reuthers Special: An original American Diner. Next stop and a further Reuthers Highlight: Weeki Wachee and the dance of the mermaids.

The Reuthers Harley-Davidson Florida Sunshine Tour is the Tour of Superlatives

The next stop is in the sign of the superlatives: The longest river in Florida will be crossed and the oldest European settlement in the state visited. On this evening the Reuthers Special will be a breathtaking Pirate Show.

In Daytona the participants of the Florida Sunshine Tour will pay a visit to Bruce Rossmeyer Harley-Davidson – you can only find that with Reuthers! It continues to take off from here, because the John F. Kennedy Space Center is the next tour stop before heading for some shopping in Fort Lauderdale.

In Key Largo, the group resides next to the famous boat the African Queen once made famous by Humphrey Bogart before they head off to the road of bridges. Island hopping via Harley-Davidson is now the topic, because the road leads up to the southernmost point of the country. After a visit to Flippers grandchildren we head back to Miami. At the Farewell Dinner, the numerous Reuthers Specials are reviewed and summarized once again.

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