Soak up the sun with Reuthers: The Florida Sunshine Harley-Davidson motorcycle trip

Date: 2016-04-12 · Category: USA


Maybe you are one of those people that really comes alive with the first rays of the sun. Although spring has just begun, you might want to think about your winter holiday plans now. After all, real sun worshipers want to soak up the sun for as long as possible and push the cold season as far back as possible.

Reuthers is particularly happy to assist you in this matter. You can opt for motorcycle tours in the Sunshine State of Florida all year long. Discover not only a particularly sunny spot, but experience an iconic motorcycle trip with an original Harley-Davidson. Harley-Davidson and Florida – what a perfect fit. If you already know that you will miss the sun by November or December, make your Florida Sunshine travel arrangements by June for the December 2nd to December 12th, 2016 tour. Up to 6 months prior your departure, you can enjoy the ever-popular “Early Bird” Discount, which is all the more reason to get on the bandwagon!

Let Reuthers take you to the Sunshine State Florida

Since Reuthers would like to show you some of the most beautiful corners of the USA, you can count on some real highlight on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle trip across the Sunshine State. On your dream trip, you can let yourself be inspired by the South American influences, which can be felt everywhere in Miami, and experience the ensuing sense of joy. The Florida Sunshine route takes you from Miami to Fort Myers and as far as Palm Beach and Daytona Beach, some of Florida’s absolute hotspots. Experience the Gulf of Mexico at its best, while bitter cold winter weather is prevailing at home. From shopping at one of the largest outlet malls worldwide to visiting the John F. Kennedy Space Center, on this trip, you can soak up much more than just sun.

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