Lucky Luke and Buffalo Bill make the “Pony Express” famous

Date: 2014-07-18 · Category: USA

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Riding a Harley-Davidson on the Pony Express trail

First appearing in 1946, Lucky Luke became the title character of the same named comic series. In volume number 56 with the title “The Pony Express” he goes on tour: He supported William H. Russell in realizing the postal service between the east and west coast. He has to cover numerous adventures along the 3000 kilometer route, which must be conquered in less than ten days. Also Buffalo Bill once worked for the Pony Express.

As a participant in the Reuthers Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tour Pony Express you can also follow the footsteps of Lucky Luke and Buffalo Bill. Granted, the tour lasts with 12 days longer than the mail, which was transported on this route from Chicago to Sacramento in the 19th century – but every day is worth it. In addition to well-known cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City and Chicago, Cody is also a milestone. The city in the state of Wyoming was founded in 1896 by Buffalo Bill and named after his civil name, William Frederick Cody. Bar, historical center, museums, and the monument are a reminder to the figure of the Wild West.

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