Is San Francisco typically American?

Date: 2014-08-18 · Category: USA

San Francisco Cable Car

What are the typical characteristics of a North American city?

The checkerboard pattern of the streets? The skyscrapers in the city center? In this case, then just looking at these points San Francisco can only partially be seen as a typically American city. Let’s look at the checkerboard pattern: Yes, it is clearly visible in San Francisco – apart from the Lombard Street which winds its way down the hill in a unique way and is also beautifully planted. Skyscrapers in the city center? When looking from Coit Tower you can see some, but relatively few very high buildings, which of course is known due to the great danger of earthquakes.

Visitors search in vain for classic Edge Cities or gated communities as this is the result of the geographical boundary of the city. Consequently the core city is populated and has a multi-ethnic urban structure living with Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, French, Irish, Russians and many other nationalities, giving the city its typical multicultural touch.

Also, there are a numerous amount of attractions that are typical for San Francisco. Above all, the Golden Gate Bridge, which is photographed by most tourists in the typical fog. In addition, the seemingly antiquated mode of transport by cable car is typical for this Californian city. What every visitor sees at first glance are the hills on which the city is built.

A visit in San Francisco

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