Florida is calling for a Ladies Ride!

Date: 2010-04-20 · Category: USA

Kia Ora Folks and especially Kia Ora to all motorcycle riding Ladies!

This morning I was sitting on my desk and working on paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. Then I started to browse a little bit on our website and found a page, that was “untouched” for the last months. How can this be? Our whole website team is working day and night to keep everything on a current basis and the “Ladies Rides” page was not.
Straight away I remembered several ladies talking to me while on tour “Hermann, how about tours especially for ladies?”. They even told me about their special wishes… and, the tourguide MUST be male for “safety and security reasons”. Ok, here we are. Our first 8 Day Ladies Ride starts in the sunshine state of > Florida March 4 till March 11, 2011 < All ladies are very welcome to ask for details and to join this amazing dreamtour!
> See the Florida Video Impressions!
Till later, Hermann.