Your gift from Reuthers: 2% Senior Discount for people over 60

Date: 2016-02-17 · Category: Travel


We have a very special present in store for you

Reuthers would like to gift you its special Senior Discount – now available for people over 60 instead of people over 62. To ensure that all tour bookings are 2% cheaper, you just need to be at least 60 years old prior tour start

Delight yourself on your special birthday. Or maybe you are looking to fulfill the dreams of a loved, who has been dreaming of traveling the world. With breathtaking tours full of unique experiences, Reuthers will take you to previously unknown worlds and present you with unforgettable memories. Celebrate your golden years and book your long awaited dream tour, which you might have fallen madly in love with a long time ago. The Senior Discount will finally make your dreams come true!

Bus tours, motorcycle tours, photo safaris – Your tour highlights with Reuthers

At Reuthers, you can discover one dream vacation after the next. Walk in the footsteps of the Maori and book your New Zealand tour now. Maybe you are drawn to the USA and the Wild West. Reuthers knows that your travel dreams are as unique as you are. One thing is for sure: with the Senior Discount, you can conserve your travel budget and nevertheless make your travel dreams come true. As an adventurous and freedom-loving traveler, you can discover the most beautiful corners of Europe during your next motorcycle tour on a Harley-Davidson or fall in love with South Africa and its people, for example. At Reuthers, you are not only free to book whichever tour sparks your fancy, but you are just as free to make use of the Senior Discount. After all, what matters are your dreams. As long as you book a tour and you or the person traveling is at least 60 years old prior tour start, the Senior Discount remains valid. Experience what could turn out to be the greatest adventure of your life and book tours full of superlatives at some exceptionally low prices.

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