The Reuthers Tibet Expedition 2011 is over, but the memories remain!

Date: 2011-11-06 · Category: Travel

First of all:

It’s been a real lifetime experience no one in the group wants to miss:  your personal limits.

Although several tour participants were suffering from high altitude sickness by riding in more than 5000 meters (approx. 16500 feet), the magnificant scenery, the fresh (thin) air, a blue sky you will not find anywhere else on this planet and of course the friendly people of Tibet, helped you in continuing the adventure or better expedition.

As previously said, it’s been a lifetime experience and after coming back home and considering safety for our valued clients and the unpredictable risks and circumstances we faced, we finally made the decision to better stop with further motorcycle tours in that area.

Enjoy the Video Impressions Tibet from our one and only Tibet Motorcyle Expedition.

Yours, Hermann Reuther.