With Reuthers on a Berlin-Moscow Tour

Date: 2016-07-06 · Category: Travel

St. Basils Cathedral, Moscow

To celebrate the 30 year anniversary the team has created a Special Event Tour to Moscow

From the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin to the Red Square in Moscow: The Reuthers Team choose this starting point and end destination for the Special Event Tour 2017. What lies in between? Plenty of sights to see in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and Russia. One can even claim that this tour is a “Tour of Capital Cities”. Why this is so, is explained with regard to the destinations, which are the goals in each country.

In Poland, the group will visit Gdansk, Poznan and the Polish capital Warsaw. In Lithuania the participants will pay a visit to the capital Vilnius. In Lettland the stop will be in the capital city of Riga. In Estonia the motorcycle group will visit the capital city of Tallinn. Kaliningrad (formerly Königsberg), St. Petersburg, Smolensk and the capital of Russia, Moscow are an integral part of the visit in Russia. In Belarus a quick stopover in the capital city of Minsk is planned.

In short: The Anniversary Tour of the Reuthers 30 year Anniversary is packed with a long list of countries to be visited, with attractive (capital) cities and numerous other attractions along the motorcycle tour, which is laid out to be a 20-day trip and will take place from June 11th to June 30th.

Tour Concepts à la Reuthers

The Berlin-Moscow Tour is offered in two versions: The Fun-And-Comfort-Tour is a partially guided variant, where all the preparations and advance bookings for the riders have been done, but on the road they are on their own. Equipped with the Reuthers Tour Book, the travelers explore on their own the seven countries.

Variant Number 2 is the Non-Plus-Ultra-Tour, where the only requirement is that the participants drive their motorcycle themselves. Any advance bookings, as well as guidance of the riders is taken over by the Reuthers Team and the clients are once more presented with a dream travel package from the “Reuthers World Of Enjoyment”.

Reuthers Anniversary Year

2017 is literally the Reuthers year of anniversaries, because in addition to the anniversary of the Event Agency which was founded 30 years ago, the 20-year anniversary of the Reuthers Motorcycle Tours is also being celebrated. For those who want to go on the Reuthers Anniversary Tour, have to hurry up, because the first sought-after places are already gone.

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