Prospects for 2017/2018: The new Reuthers Motorcycle Tours Catalog

Date: 2016-09-15 · Category: Travel


For Hermann Reuther the word “standstill” is a foreign word. And that’s why the Reuthers Motorcycle Tours Catalog 2017/2018, which is being released, is the answer to the clients wishes which Hermann Reuther himself collected on his tours. A small taste of what the loyal fans, the new clients and the curious globetrotters can expect, we will tell you here and now.

Clients wishes are turned into new tours

Each tour accompanied by Hermann Reuther helps him to get mentally closer to his clients. This also means for those who go on tour with Reuthers that: Whoever expresses his desires, is an active member of the Reuthers think tank and shape a bit of the tours. In particular, this means:

* The Scotland Tour now includes also the North Coast 500 and offers the Scottish variant of the famous US Route 66.

* Those who book the My Heritage Tour, benefit from the same Scotland innovations.

* The Tuscany trip is extended by one day. The tour now lasts seven days and also includes Siena.

* The Bella Italia Tour now forgoes a short trip to Tuscany. The nine days are spent exclusively outside of Tuscany. But the dates are set so that Bella Italia travelers can combine this trip with a Tuscany Tour.

These further wishes were fed into the new Reuthers Motorcycle Tours Catalog

The tour area Europe will take up considerably more room in the Motorcycle Tours Catalog. Hermann Reuther reveals that he himself received a “kick” on the Alps + Lakes Tour, even though this tour which goes through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France and is thousands of kilometers away from the traditional Route 66. In addition, the tours through Europe take into account the wish of many people to go on vacation near home. Besides being attached to home another fact is that many participants want to be able to cruise on their own motorcycle.

Furthermore these trends have been taken into account in the new Reuthers Motorcycle Tours Catalog:

* Individual travelers will find in the Self Drive and the Semi Guided Tours exactly what they are looking for: An individual adventure under the organization of the Reuthers Team.

* Tours can now be better combined as dates are better coordinated. So it is possible to combine different single tours to one big one, without adding extra arrival and departure dates.

The tours are also available for the double anniversary of Reuthers to an absolute anniversary price. Since 30 years there is REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS and since 20 years Reuthers Motorcycle Tours. The said anniversary tour is the Berlin-Moscow Tour which will be in June 2017. (Attention: There are only a few available spots left).

Get the Reuthers Motorcycle Tours Catalog and Go!

Curious? The new Reuthers Motorcycle Tours Catalog 2017/2018 is of course being presented at the INTERMOT in Cologne, where already hundreds of visitors have signed up to visit the Reuthers Team. You can also download the eCatalog with 145 pages > Reuthers Motorcycle Tours eCatalog 2017/2018. The > Flipbook Version of this is browsable online.

Deutsch > Ausblick 2017/2018: Der neue Reuthers Motorradtourenkatalog

Press Release > Setting the stage for the Reuthers Motorcycle Tours Catalog 2017/2018: 145 pages full of wanderlust and adventure