KeaRider: Cruising as free as a parrot

Date: 2016-03-06 · Category: Travel


The New Zealand bird is the eponym of the KeaRider back-to-basics tour option

Today, we take you into the world of science and introduce you to the Kea – one of the most intelligent birds in the world that is feared by many. The Kea joins the ranks of stunning birds that live in New Zealand and often bear impressive Maori names.

But the Kea also makes negative headlines, because he is a shrewd thief that is quick to snatch up the moneybags of tourists and fly away with them – because he is also a master at that. And thus the Kea, which is just as well known as the Kiwi, becomes the dreaded culprit in many a criminal offenses that never end in a conviction.

This is how the Kea became the eponym of the KeaRider tour

The Kea is known to be freedom-loving and adventurous – that’s the feeling that those booking a KeaRider tour with the following travel details will get to experience:

* Instead of the service package of a premium motorcycle trip, KeaRiders forego such services – and pay less for their trip.

* KeaRiders pay for the visit of typical sights and the cost of gas themselves, depending on their individual interests.>

* KeaRiders can utilize the Reuthers tour concept, but determine the travel date themselves and also experience the tour on their own.

* Instead of high-class hotels, KeaRiders reside in simpler accommodations, thus preserving their travel budget.

* KeaRiders handle their own luggage for additional savings.

Back to basics instead of all-round-service is the concept of the more affordable KeaRider tours, which will take motorcycle enthusiasts to New Zealand, Australia, the US, South Africa and Europe for little money.

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