How is Whiskey actually made?

Date: 2015-11-24 · Category: Travel


The making of whiskey is comparatively simple: It is obtained by a special distillation process from grain

Then it has to mature in oak barrels until it is bottled. Who now believes that the whiskey always tastes the same is wrong, because the taste is also dependent on the raw materials, the production process and the barrel. The choice of raw materials that are used in the whiskey production is of particular importance: Only a small percentage of the harvest is suitable for the necessary malting process in the whiskey production. After selecting the correct yeast the production can start.

This is done in several steps: First, the grain is malted, ground and mashed. Then the fermentation process sets in, followed by the distillation process. This can be repeated several times before the whiskey is poured into the barrel to mature there. Although this sounds simple, it affects very strongly the flavor of the whiskey: Also the selection of the barrel is also of great importance.

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