JACK LINK’S is giving away three Reuthers Route 66 Tours

Date: 2014-10-26 · Category: Sweepstakes

JACK LINK'S Route 66 Promotion with Reuthers Motorcycle Tours

Fits together: Reuthers + Harley-Davidson + JACK LINK’S

It is well known amongst fans of both brands that Reuthers and the motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson began their collaboration in 2006. The common desire to enable dream trips on a Harley-Davidson united them. But what is missing in the dream scenario in the vastness of America along the historic Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles? The fitting snack. And this could come from the house of JACK LINK’S.

JACK LINK’S snacks as provisions for the Reuthers Motorcycle Tour

The business with its seat in Wisconsin produces durable meat snacks. And what fits better to the lifestyle on the Route 66 than one hearty snack made of beef? The practical meat appetizers are offered in Original Style, flavored with pepper or teriyaki or with a sweet-spicy flavor. The delicious snacks contain beef and Beef Jerky and are delicately spiced. After some drying time they are placed in the original JACK LINK’S bags – and then they find their way to the end users. These appreciate the incomparable taste, low fat and healthy protein content. The perfect snack for on the go.

The Reuthers Motorcycle Tour along the Route 66 crosses eight States

Speaking of being on the go. The fans of Harley-Davidson are also on tour during their two-week Reuthers Dream Tour along the Route 66 (enjoy the > Video). Starting point is Chicago in the state of Illinois. The Route 66 which was already considered to be the first paved road in the early 20th century to the West Coast of the USA stands for the American feeling of freedom. Altogether eight states are crossed – at the same time the Reuthers travelers can delight in the Enjoyment-Package. From Illinois, it goes on to Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona to California.

Sweepstakes times 2: Win a motorcycle tour with JACK LINK’S and Reuthers

JACK LINK’S is giving away three Reuthers Harley-Davidson tours on the historic Route 66. If you register > here online, you might, with a little luck, win a dream trip. The Sweepstakes runs until 28th of February 2015. And the Reuthers Sweepstakes “Win Your Dream Tour” is heading for the final stage: Whoever books this year a Motorcycle Dream Tour with Reuthers, can win the trip with a bit of luck. Learn more about the > Sweepstakes