Next Road Show Stop: Intermot 2016, Cologne.

Date: 2016-08-19 · Category: Road Shows


Reuthers Harley-Davidson is a guest at THE Motorcycle Fair

Hermann Reuther is really quite often on tour. Either he takes the Reuthers travelers on breathtaking Motorcycle Tours or he presents with heart and soul his Multi Media Show “Around the World on a Harley”. And the founder and president of REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS knows what he is talking about as he already traveled around the world with Harley-Davidson. What he experienced, he will tell his fans live and in colour – at the Intermot 2016.

The Intermot 2016 program highlight: See Hermann Reuther live

At the Intermot 2016 Hermann Reuther is quite close to his fans and is organizing a Meet and Greet in Hall 9, at the Booth B8 directly across the Harley-Davidson booth. Together with the Reuthers Team, he is there to answer questions and will tell many interesting stories of his travels.

Also at the Multi Media Show “Around the World on a Harley,” which takes place every day at 11 am and at 3 pm, the audience will be able to see with videos and images what it is like to be a participant on a Reuthers Tour. In addition to the US classics – Route 66, the Florida Tour and the Tour in the Wild West – the second home to Hermann Reuther – New Zealand – is part of the itinerary as well as South Africa, Europe and Australia.

A further highlight is the anniversary tour: The Special Event Tour Berlin-Moscow for celebrating the 30th anniversary of REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS in June 2017.

Tip: Those who directly decide at the Intermot 2016 to book a dream trip with Reuthers, will receive a ten percent fair discount.

Further program points for Reuthers fans at the Intermot 2016

The brand new Reuthers Motorcycle Tours eCatalog 2017/2018 and the Reuthers Biker Bingo with travel vouchers from 100 to 1.000 Euros are further reasons to stop by at the Reuthers booth. For early birds: All who have a look at the Reuthers booth beforehand are rewarded: Those who directly sign up on the Reuthers Road Show page for a visit to the Intermot 2016 will receive a voucher for free admission to the Intermot 2016.

Deutsch > Nächster Road Show Halt: Intermot 2016, Köln.

Press Release > Motorcycle fans are counting down to the Intermot 2016: Reuthers Harley-Davidson presents in Hall 9, Booth B8