History was written in Waitangi

Date: 2014-10-14 · Category: New Zealand

Treaty House on the Waitangi Grounds in New Zealand

The Constitution with the date of February 6, 1840 sealed the founding of New Zealand in Waitangi as a British colony

The contract, which was signed in a small house in Waitangi by Maori chiefs and British envoys, regulated the giving up of the sovereignty of the Maori under the reservation to keep land and possessions. While today it is still unclear how many Maori chiefs agreed to the contract, in addition, the question arises to what extent the translated document in Maori was understandable because the language omits some English terms. In the years following the signing of the contract committed breaches are still a subject with the locals. For clarification of contentious legal issues in relation to the Treaty of Waitangi the Waitangi Tribunal was founded.

In addition, what is left, is New Zealand’s national day, Waitangi Day on the 6th of February. The Treaty House was restored and made accessible to the public as a memorial site. So it is one of the oldest preserved buildings in New Zealand, an official cultural monument, and part of the Reuthers New Zealand Paradise Tour. The Waitangi Grounds near Paihia where the Treaty House stands are part of the Motorcycle Tour, Bus Tour and the Photo Tour.

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