In the birth country of Russell Crowe – New Zealand

Date: 2016-11-15 · Category: New Zealand

Birth country of Russell Crowe - New Zealand

He was only four years old when he emigrated from New Zealand to Australia with his parents and his brother. At the age of 14, the now over 50-year-old Russell Crowe returned.

Russell Crowe who was born in Wellington became internationally known for his role in the series “L.A. Confidential”. Roles in “The Sum of Us”, “The Quick and the Dead” and “Virtuosity” enabled him to prove his wide acting range. He received the Oscar for “Insider”, “Gladiator”, and “A Beautiful Mind”. And even more trophies such as the Golden Globe and the MTV Movie Award underline his dynamic career. Today he works as an actor and director. Since 2010 Russell Crowe can be proud of his star on Hollywood Boulevard.

The birthplace of Russell Crowe, Wellington, is – beside the biggest city of New Zealand, Auckland – a program highlight on many Reuthers Tours. On the New Zealand Highlights, as well as on the Paradise Tour the Reuthers Group pays a visit to New Zealand’s capital with their Harley-Davidsons. But even with many bus tours and photo trips through the country Wellington is goal. Whether by motorbike, by bus or by rental car – Reuthers offers numerous possibilities to visit the birthplace of Russell Crowe.

Those who prefer to go in search of his current residence, must get on the plane to Australia. The actor lives in Sydney. By the way, the largest city in Australia is a fixed item on the Australia Tours of Reuthers.

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