After the Aroha practice following in the footsteps of the Maori

Date: 2015-11-07 · Category: New Zealand


With Reuthers on a 19-day motorcycle tour to New Zealand

In this chapter of the blog series “Tour of the Month” the focus is on the 19-day Paradise Motorcycle Tour through New Zealand. Reuthers wishes you lots of fun while reading…

I love dancing and I like doing sports. That is why I think Zumba is lot of fun. But nearly everyone nowadays participates in a Zumba course. Therefore I was looking for a different kind of sport that combines dance and fitness – and so I ended up finding an Aroha Coach. Especially the cultural and historical background fascinated me because Aroha is based on the grounds of the war dance of the Maori.

What is Aroha like in practice? It is a mixture of Kung Fu, Thai Chi and Haka. Aroha is exhausting and fun. Why am I telling this? Because of my newly discovered love for Aroha practice I also discovered a second passion: New Zealand, the country of the Maori.

While researching I came across this blog article “History was written in Waitangi”. Granted, I was a bit confused as to why, at the first glance, I had landed on the page of a “tour operator”, but the fascination of the history of Maori captured me and as I knew that I wanted to explore this country, the “tour operator” turned out to be much more: Hermann Reuther lives and breathes New Zealand. He loves the country and this is what we felt during the 19-day Paradise Motorcycle Tour.

What particularly fascinated me was that through my research and interest in Ahora and Maori, I came across a person who has devised a fantastically beautiful tour concept with known and unknown highlights, and in addition this person represents a very special idea. Thank you for letting me experience the Reuthers World Of Enjoyment with this trip.

What else can I tell you? Discover it for yourself…

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