Topic of the month: On the go – hotel rooms

Date: 2015-07-23 · Category: Lifestyle

Hermann Reuther arranges hotel rooms to be more “healthy”

Hermann Reuther is quite often on the go. What does he miss the most? The home furnishings that allows him and his family, “to live more consciously,” as mentioned in the first post of the blog series “Topic of the Month”. But Hermann Reuther has some advice on how to turn the hotel room in no time to be “healthier” when traveling. He gives some information in the tour briefing, but also those who travel without Reuthers, should benefit from the advice.


“When checking into the hotel I ask for a room that is far away from the house transmitter,” explains Hermann Reuther. Of course, the businessman has to rely on a good internet connection, but if the transmitter would run right next to his room, then the night would be marked by insomnia and a headache the following day. But this is only part one of his hotel room check.

It continues on with small changes in the hotel room

* Microwave, refrigerator, lamps and all other electrical devices in the hotel room are disconnected from the power supply (in New Zealand Hermann Reuther even switches off the electrical sockets).

* The bed in the hotel room is pulled away from the wall by half a meter, because there the most power lines usually lie – and this is a cause for headaches

* Sometimes Hermann Reuther has his own linens in the luggage in order to avoid the synthetic bed clothing

* He refrains from having his clothes laundered in the hotel

* Teeth are brushed with drinking water and the shower gel is an organic product that is brought along from home.

* The air conditioning and the tv in the hotel room are switched off (rather than consume energy in the stand-by mode)

* High-quality earplugs made of natural materials that can be used for a longer term provide for a good nights sleep in hotel rooms

And his wife Adelheid Reuther has some advice on how to sleep well in a hotel room: “So that the soul can sleep well, the mirrors should be covered.”

The arrival by plane

When flying to your vacation destination you can ensure a “healthy arrival” at your hotel room. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol is the best advice. In order to stretch your legs, an aisle seat is recommended. Also gymnastic exercises and support stockings help to master long flights well.

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