Topic of the month: Microwaves destroy our food

Date: 2015-10-13 · Category: Lifestyle


Adelheid Reuther explains how it can work without a microwave

Adelheid and Hermann Reuther live true to the motto of Johanna Paungger: “Who does not have time / money for their health, will need time / money for their illness.” In order to explain how their conscious life in practice looks, they have reported since June regularly on topics related to conscious life. The focus of this contribution is on the once popular kitchen appliance the microwave because this was banished many years ago from the kitchen of the family Reuther.

The tip – to dispose of the microwave – was given to the couple Reuther by a building biologist. Something as destructive as the microwave can not even be given away, says Adelheid Reuther, and so the couple got rid of the microwave. Henceforth a beautiful stone should adorn the empty compartment in the kitchen of family Reuther. “We were really happy when we got rid of the microwave,” Adelheid Reuther explains in retrospect. Eight years ago, a steam cooker moved in, which is now more than ever in vogue. How practical the device is, Adelheid Reuter reports from a mother’s point of view: “While the potatoes are cooking, I have time to play soccer outside.” In addition, vitamins and minerals stay where they belong – in (in the best case) healthy food.

“The aim must be to draw strength, energy and health from the food,” said Adelheid Reuther who buys organic food and regional products. Therefore, of course she also pays attention to prepare the food correctly. “To heat food in the microwave, is tantamount to throwing food in the garbage,” she explains. The heated food can cause cancer and the cells to change.

Risk also for science

How dangerous the device really is, was presented by two Swiss after extensive research – and they were unfortunalely “silenced” as Adelheid Reuther explains. They stopped presenting their results, simply because they were afraid. In 1998, the European Court of Humans Rights officially lifted the publication ban of the Swiss.

Without a microwave – at home and on the go

While family Reuther has successfully banned the “enemy” microwave in their own home, it is sometimes a little more complicated when traveling to grab a quick bite to eat, which was heated outside a microwave. If we take a break, we ask: Was the food heated in the microwave?”, reports Adelheid Reuther on how she also pays attention to healthy preparation of the food when they’re on the go.” In America, for example, we order, “not heated” muffins and when they tell us that the only way to receive our food is via the microwave, then we just head somewhere else for something to eat,” she explains. In 70 percent of the cases, family Reuther is lucky and after a short wait, receive the desired food.

“Added, in some top-class restaurants they look a bit strangely at us when we want to clarify right at the beginning of our visit whether the dinner is really freshly prepared or done in the microwave”, but we’re rather safe than sorry. Adelheid Reuther has a tip for fast food fans which her 13-year-old son regularly applies: “If we are in a fast food restaurant, he always has a special request – to ensure that the product is really freshly put together” says Adelheid Reuther grinning.

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