Topic of the month: Live consciously – stay healthy

Date: 2015-06-10 · Category: Lifestyle


The married couple Reuther reveal their secret recipe

Almost every day you can find in the media new tips to help guide people to live more consciously. Yet what actually does “live consciously” mean? For family Reuther living consciously means to minimize the things in life that are known to be harmful. There was also in the life of Hermann Reuther, the president of REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS, when a dramatic experience brought him to want to live more consciously.

A light bulb brought the turning point

Hermann Reuther tells: “It all began with a lot of work, stress and tension. So we decided to buy new mattresses. Since spring mattresses were widely talked about, we bought them. The outcome: It got even worse. ” The proof that everything was actually worse than imagined, was ultimately specified by a building biologist who had a detailed look at the home of the family.

The result: With his new mattress Hermann Reuther seemed to be sleeping on an electromagnetic field – and the building biologist was able to bring a light bulb to glow on Hermann Reuther. This experience was a trigger to start rethinking. Living more consciously means for the married couple Reuther first of all to prevent for themselves an “overload” and poisons that rob the body of its efficiency and cause illnesses.

Blog category “Topic of the month” takes on the topic of living more consciously “

To prevent all that of what is dangerous or known to be harmful is the one side. Passing on tips to live more consciously, however, is what matters to Hermann Reuther and his wife. “It’s about placing more natural things into the foreground and to give useful tips, that are easy to use”, explains Hermann Reuther. The way of living a more conscious life requires much assertiveness and self-confidence, knows the company president and family man.

Since the sudden insight in 1997, the Reuther family have choosen for themselves a more conscious way of living. In the beginning they were smiled upon. From the year 2000, they regularly held presentations at adult-education centers in order to inform and pass on their knowledge about a more conscious way of life. That was also the intention, behind the new blog category “Topic of the Month”. “We gladly want to pass on to those who are interested our knowledge – whatever anyone does with the information is up to each individual to decide”, Hermann Reuther explains.

Here the couple remains true to themselves: “We say what we think.” Whoever knows that something is harmful, but still uses it, is responsible for themselves. For Hermann Reuther and his wife Adelheid, the intention is to explain vividly how one can live more consciously also a part of “Reuthers World Of Enjoyment”.

“The starting point must be to reflect on the basics of life.”, Hermann Reuther explains. And this is ultimately to eat and sleep. And although the commerce of today is necessary to keep todays society alive, nevertheless, the people should pay greater attention to the “basics” – to live consciously.