Topic of the month: Bye, bye radiation from mobile phones

Date: 2015-08-30 · Category: Lifestyle

Hermann Reuther has one important tip: “Keep the mobile phone away from the body”

Today the 3rd Chapter of the series “Topic of the month” is opened. The focus is placed on the use of smart phones, cell phones, cordless phones, and wireless internet access because: Mobile radiation can be hazardous to your health and the health of his clients is very important for Hermann Reuther.


Good bye mobile phone radiation, does this work on a Reuthers Tour?

“If we are traveling on one of our tours in a van or minibus, we always ask our clients to adjust their phones to airplane mode,” he explains. Alternatively, and as always attentive to highest clients service we offer to redirect the client’s number to the Reuthers phone. And for this there is a simple explanation: All Reuthers vehicles are equipped with external antennas and the mobile phone in the interior is connected via a cable to it.

“It is my goal to inform” explains Hermann Reuther who has commited himself to the lifestyle “Conscious life – Stay healthy”. He also wants to prevent that someone makes the same mistakes which he did, because he admits: “In the past, our drivers and myself, we always had a headache in the car.” That’s different today, when everyone turns off their cell phone in the vehicle”.

Tips to avoid mobile phone radiation as much as possible

Because today many are dependent on the cell phone or smartphone it would almost seem quite exotic to be without this accessibility, Hermann Reuther considers a conscious approach – instead of completely doing without.

The following tips will assist you:

* Mobile, smart phones, etc. are to be kept away from your body! Breast and pants pockets are the wrong place – better is a backpack or bag.

* When staying indoors, the device should be placed on the windowsill. On the one hand the reception is better and on the other cell phone radiation is further away from the body.

* Whoever wants or needs to be accessible in the car should go for a classic car phone with hands-free and without bluetooth or even a headset with earplugs, which directs the cell phone radiation directly into the head.

* Cell phones near the bed are an absolute no-go. For more tips on > travel

* Those who have their home equipped with mobile telephones, should rely on the ECO mode, otherwise it is like an invitation to the circulating cell phone radiation.

– At night, when sleeping, all connections (including Wi-Fi) should be turned off.

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