Bye, bye run of the mill Selfies

Date: 2016-03-13 · Category: Lifestyle


Beyonce does it, the Beckhams do it, Kim Kardashian does it and even Heidi Klum is addicted to the trend (Hermann Reuther does it occasionally only – see picture). More than one million selfies are shot every day, most of them in North America and Australia

Afterwards they are spread out into virtual social networks. The quality depends on the type of smart phone – and is no longer a problem. It starts getting difficult due to the perspective and probably also bearing that the arms are too short of some self-portrait fans so that their pictures are rather funny. Incidentally, the run of the mill selfies which are a classic self-portrait are not in any more. Therefore it is now necessary to be creative – or to pounce on truly fantastic photo opportunities.

Reuthers has put together various trips for Photo Tours through New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Canada, South Africa and Europe, which set the heart of every serious amateur photographer racing. Whether you want photo opportunities in the wild or in cities around the world – thanks to many years of experience that the Reuthers team has, you will find that on every tour one highlight follows the next.

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