Painting “LET’S RUMBLE with Reuthers Harley-Davidson”

Date: 2015-03-15 · Category: Harley-Davidson


What a wonderful and Great idea

One of our former tour participants and proud tour flag owner from the ‪Route 66‬ anniversary tour 2012, just sent us a painting for the “LET’S RUMBLE with Reuthers Harley-Davidson” motto.

Thank You very much for this wonderful painting, Timo. You are a real Artist and we are pretty sure everyone agrees when looking at this wonderful painting… By the way, if someone wants a special painting on his/her ‪Harley-Davidson‬, just ask Timo (saw his amazing Night Train ‪‎painting‬ on a ‪‎Harley‬ Night Train tank)…