Harley-Davidson is turning 115 – round trips to Prague celebration

Date: 2017-07-25 · Category: Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary celebrations in Prague

Motorcycle fans who are fond of traveling have waited long for this news. The European celebration of the 115th anniversary of Harley-Davidson will take place in Prague from July 5-8, 2018 and it will offer a colorful program around the cult motorcycle. If you are not a Harley-Davidson fan, you will be after the event. More than 150 motorcycles will be exhibited to show the history of the brand. An open-air stage with various music acts and a big biker parade will complete the program and provide a good mood amongst the visitors.

With Reuthers to the Harley-Davidson anniversary celebration in Prague

For this grand event, Reuthers has come up with a special treat for all Harley fans. Fitting to the anniversary celebrations there will be two guided Special Event Tours, which have the anniversary celebrations in Prague as a highlight. According to taste and available time, interested bikers can choose between a one-week or a two-week round trip. The Event Package 1 takes the participants from Nuremberg via Coburg to Dresden and finally to Prague, before it goes back to Nuremberg. Event Package 2 includes the round trip of the first package and continues to the Alps (via Nuremberg, Munich, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Kempten and Rothenburg) concluding the anniversary celebration in Prague. Motorcycle fans agree: Travel dreams come true.

Harley-Davidson: Always good for a party

Already for the 110th Anniversary the cult brand attracted the fans from all countries of the world to Milwaukee with a great celebration. Anyone who was there at that time knows what a magnificent event the cult brand put together. Reason enough not to miss the party in Prague. It’s made possible with Reuthers and the well-thought-out offer of event trips, which make every motorcycle fan want more.

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Press Release > For the 115th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson head to Prague: Reuthers presents motorcycle round trips with a visit to the anniversary celebration