Venice’s rich diversity makes the city an attractive destination

Date: 2014-07-27 · Category: Europe

Venice - Reuthers Bella Italia Tour

Is Venice the city of love or does Paris in France hold this title?

And is the city really so picturesque or is the city in danger of sinking into the sea? Again and again, precisely these issues are in the media. But the city is probably most interesting when you start casting a view behind the historical scenes, buildings, art treasures and channels – and perhaps it will reveal one or the other secret.

Translated a Venetian motto is “Watch out, otherwise I will show you the clock!” But what is the meaning of the sentence that apparently sounds as a threat? It goes back to the prisoners, who, while they waited for the enforcement of the death penalty – looked at the clock of the Basilica of San Marco. The place in which the prisoners stood brings bad luck so everyone who knows about the history avoids the square between the winged lion and Saint Theodor.

Although still many further creepy stories are told about Venice let us mention a point in the literature: The city of gondolas coined namely the “Italian Journey”, a travelogue from the pen of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Thus, the city presents itself diverse, with over 250,000 inhabitants and is recommended for visitors who enjoy horror stories, for lovers, history buffs as well as lovers of literature. Reason enough for the Reuthers Team to include the city into the program of the “Bella Italia” Tour. This can be booked as a Motorcycle Tour, Bus Tour or a Photo Tour.

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