Tour of the Month: On the tracks of the sights in Ireland

Date: 2015-12-08 · Category: Europe


An island-motorcycle tour for film buffs – Reuthers knows what Harley-Davidson fans want to see”

The west coast of the United States presented the opener of the new blog series “Tour of the Month”! Today there is the next contribution under this column – a travel log on the sights in Ireland. Reuthers wishes you fun while reading…

Around the world in 80 days. How this is done was shown by Pierce Brosnan and Peter Ustinov in 1989 in the film with the same name. Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan flickered under the same motto in 2004 across the screens. I admit I am a film buff but beyond that I am also a fan of Harley-Davidson. Since 80 days appeared to be quite long, I looked for a shorter trip – and found the “In 8 days around Ireland” -tour at Reuthers . It was my first contact with the country and certainly more will follow.

Belfast was our starting point. During the Welcome Dinner it was quite clear: We are a great group and it will be a fantastic tour. On the Harley-Davidson we headed for Donegal. There two highlights of the many attractions in Ireland awaited us: the Carrickfergus Castle and the Dunluce Castle. The castles are one thing, but also their location makes them a popular attraction in Ireland.

At the Cliffs of Moher breathtaking photo memories were taken. Visitors need to have good nerves – especially those with fear of heights. The cliffs on the southwest coast of Ireland stand at their highest point about 200 meters above the water. In Dingle we experienced the easy lifestyle of the Irish and their hospitality. And even if it is often sounds biased – the town is yet typically Irish – and I was happy to be able to get to know these well-known attractions in Ireland and experience it on our tour.

Granted, I had only on the account of my love to movies a connection to this city, but this was new for many tour members: “Ryan’s Daughter” was filmed here in 1970 and also parts of the film “Far and Away” with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise played on the peninsula. A few days later Leonardo DiCaprio was on my Harley-Davidson, because the “Titanic” had its last port in Queenstown and we also visited this attraction in Ireland.

Stop. I almost kept something from you. After Dingle we drove on a route that only a true Harley-Davidson fan could have chosen: Hermann Reuther took us over the Healy Pass and gave us such overwhelming impressions that in the saddle of a Harley-Davidson turned into a very special attraction in Ireland. After just seeing one of my absolute favorite movies – “P.S. I love you” with Hilary Swank, whose love story with Gerald Butler ultimately began in an Irish pub, the wanderlust rose in me once again. Then I saw that in August 2016 the next Reuthers Tour to Ireland starts – and I would like to wish all of you a lot of fun with the attractions in Ireland.

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