Tour of the month: Andalusia – the highlight in Spain

Date: 2015-09-24 · Category: Europe


The eight day Reuthers tour leads through Andalusia, in southern Spain

Attractions in Spain are endless. In this section of the blog series “Tour of the Month” Andalusia is in the focus. Reuthers wishes lots of fun while browsing…

For 18 – 25 March 2016, the Andalucia tour is in the Reuthers tours calendar – and if I’m honest, I’m charmed by a renewed ride to all the attractions in Spain. Last year, I have been a participant at a Reuthers Tour for the first time and since then, I wonder rather “what tour I’m going next”, than “I go again with Reuthers” – because that’s for me beyond a question.

Malaga – the origin of the eight day Andalucia tour was impressive and deserves its reputation as a popular holiday destination. No idea why the application of the city was rejected as a European Capital of Culture 2016. Malaga, I’d vote for you if I could!

The next day we left the city and I experienced what I’ve read countless times at Reuthers: cruising! We rode to the north, along the coast and then went inland to visit another attraction in Spain: Granada. And of course we visited the Alhambra Palace, walked in the footsteps of the Moors – and the castle could even be seen from our hotel at night. The colorful and quite entertaining side of Andalusia was presented to us in Sevilla, when we experienced the Spanish Flamenco live and up close.

From a cave to a lighthouse and a trip to Portugal – in the eight day Andalucia tour, there is one attraction after the other – and I wish you lot’s of fun on this unforgettable journey. Perhaps we will meet, if I still decide for a booking at short notice.

Cruising along the coast. Cruising along mighty mountain ranges. Anyone wishing to experience both on a Harley-Davidson, is well advised with the eight day tour of Andalucia. More Details betrays a former participant who already toying with a revival. For sure now is the right time to consider a participation for March 2016.

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