„My Heritage“ Tour – following the footsteps of your ancestors

Date: 2015-10-03 · Category: Europe


Everyone enjoys reminiscing in old memories, leafing through photo albums which hold historical black and white photographs of grandparents and great grandparents and perhaps even are lucky enough to be in the possession of old letters and documents which tell you how it was back then.

“Back then” in this context means the Victorian era, which is characterized that in 1830 there was a strong wave of emigration. Those who left Great Britain, moved to Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. You can now take a journey into the country of your ancestors with Reuthers, because on the “My Heritage” tour the country of the ancestors and all its glory is the focus.

Tour Description Reuthers “My Heritage” Tour

The entire tour lasts 25 days. Starting point is the United Kingdom’s capital city, London. Visiting tourist highlights such as Stonehenge, the Eden Project, Lands End and the Beatles Museum in Liverpool, the roads lead towards the north, to Scotland. There, the tour is marked by breathtaking castles such as the Edinburgh Castle, Fort William and Eilean Donan Castle. Also an excursion to Loch Ness is a firm component of the tour. The visit to the Davidson Cottage, the first Harley-Davidson® workshop, is another highlight on the “My Heritage” tour. Ireland is the next event on the program. There, the participants of the Reuthers Tour will spend a night in the Connemara National Park.

Afterwards bikers who are swindle free can have a close up view of the Cliffs of Moher. After a short break on the beach the popular biker passes are next on the program: the Ring of Kerry, the Ring of Beara and the Healy Pass. Shortly before the unique trip in following your ancestor’s footsteps ends, the Heritage Center in Queenstown is on the tour schedule, which can give you an idea of what expected the millions of Irish emigrants into their journey to the unknown. Also a visit to Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest is planned. After Dublin and Belfast, the return trip to London is the next destination and the 25-day “My Heritage” tour ends in the capital of Great Britain.

A Short Trip to the Country of your Ancestors

For those who only want to see a part of the breathtaking beauty of the countries instead of the 25-day tour through England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, they have the opportunity to be a participant in only a small part of the tour through Scotland or alternatively only on the Ireland route of the Reuthers “My Heritage” tour.

In addition there are two special offers: For those who want to experience London up close, ideally arrive a day before the tour starts and take part in the Best of London Sightseeing Tour. Tip: Participants from Europe also have the ability to participate with their own bike on the tours. Reserve today your spot on the „My Heritage” Tour, which takes place the first time in summer 2016.

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