Inspired to choose the Alps and Lakes Tour due to mild weather

Date: 2016-02-26 · Category: Europe


10 days in the European mountains with Reuthers

This chapter of the “Tour of the Month” blog series focuses on the Alps and Lakes Tour. Our client will reveal what has inspired her to book this motorcycle tour. Have fun browsing…

Let’s be honest: The turn of the year 2015/2016 can hardly be called winter in Europe. However, this was not evident when I booked my ski vacation back in the fall of 2015. If I were a little more courageous, you would probably see me waterskiing in January 2016… But all jokes aside. I found myself sitting in my hotel room and traveling without any skiwear – given the 10 to 15 degree weather, even the best snow blower wouldn’t be able to change this situation. I thus took advantage of the mild weather to go on walks and take day trips.

At Lake Chiemsee, I was excited to run into a group of motorcyclists who had already heralded the spring season. They told me that the three most well known lakes of the Salzkammergut – Moon Lake, Atter Lake and Wolfgang Lake – were next on their tour list. They weren’t going to make the trip to Grossglockner, however, because the weather conditions are quite unpredictable in such high altitudes – and especially so in January. Today I know: These stories alone sparked my interest. A biker couple that I got to know when visiting Neuschwanstein castle further reinforced my curiosity as well.

Since my active motorcycle years are behind me, this old passion of mine was formally rekindled and I began to do some research. I quickly found myself on the Reuthers website and, to my great joy, I was able to discover a tour that included some stops, which I was going to visit during my snow-free ski holidays. I found the route of the Alps and Lakes Tour, which would lead me from Germany through Switzerland and France via Austria and back to Germany, to be particularly exciting – after all, I would be able to get to know four countries.

I’m curious as to what awaits me on the Alps and Lakes Tour, which I simply booked. Hint for all imitators: Thanks to Reuthers Finance, a Reuthers tour becomes possible for everyone (at present finance is for Germany only).

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