In the footsteps of King Ludwig II

Date: 2014-08-27 · Category: Europe

Neuschwanstein Castle by King Ludwig II

Was he the mysterious person he already wished to be in his childhood?

Or was he a tragic victim between reality and utopia? King Ludwig II was countless times the main topic of well known historians, but the researchers never came to a common conclusion. Born in 1845 in Schloss Nymphenburg, he became King of Bavaria in 1864. The great, but equally most obscure person of Bavarian history died three days after his incapacitation due to his mental state. His death remains unsolved to this day.

His idea of a holy kingdom of God’s grace, which was incompatible with the demands of his position as a constitutional monarch, is still alive today in the palaces that he built during his reign. In Linderhof Castle, which was built in the rococo style, the Monarch lived for a longer time. The royal house on the Schachen is situated in the middle of the mountains – with a view of the Zugspitze. While it looks simple from the outside, there was a Turkish room on the top floor, in which King Ludwig II celebrated his birthday and his name day. Also the construction of the Herrenchiemsee Palace is traced back to the monarch and is similar to the French Palace of Versailles.

The most famous castle known far beyond the borders of Bavaria, Neuschwanstein Castle, was planned as Hohenschwangau Castle. Only a few weeks after his death, the castle attracted large numbers of visitors. It still holds its state of importance up until today. Each year around 1.4 million people walk in the footsteps of the “Fairytale King”. Also the participants of the Reuthers Alps & Lakes Tour visit the historic Bavarian area. It is a main item on the program for the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tour, as well as the Bus and Photo Tour.

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