Edinburgh and Nessie beckon to the Scottish Highlands

Date: 2014-12-26 · Category: Europe

Whisky Distillery in Scotland

If you are looking for Scotlands sights, you will quickly find: Edinburgh has to be part of the program

Edinburgh is the second largest city of Scotland and the capital of the northern part of Great Britain. The Edinburgh castle is known by fans of culture and Edinburgh is a favorite with the night owls because of the Scottish pubs. Reason enough for Reuthers to make Edinburgh the start and finish of the Scotland Harley-Davidson tour.

Right at the beginning, the Edinburgh Castle stands as Scotlands number 1 sight on the program. Reuthers has also integrated into the tour the almost mystical symbol of Scotland, Loch Ness. Even “Nessie” as the supposed sea spirit is affectionately named, lies in wait for the participants of Reuthers Harley-Davidson motorcycle trip to Scotland.

Scotland’s long list of attractions includes not only castles but also Scotland’s Highlands. The Scottish Highlands are just waiting to be explored on a Harley-Davidson. And since Scotland’s Highlands are also known for their whisky production, in the context of Reuthers Harley-Davidson Tour a whisky distillery will be visited.

By the way the tour to the Scottish sights can also be traveled as a Bus Tour or as a Photo Tour. When can you visit Nessie? From the 8th until 15th of May 2015 – and if you are riding to Edinburgh with your own motorcycle, just join some like-minded travellers and put you name on the list…!