Topic Parties à la Reuthers

Date: 2016-05-29 · Category: Entertainment

topic parties

At Topic Parties the location, program, catering and the decoration go together perfectly

“The Pinguin-Party for the company Johnson & Johnson was legendary – and a worldwide hit” recalls Hermann Reuther, President of REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS and exudes enthusiasium. For three decades he has managed meetings and topic parties for global corporations, but the party themes Greenland and Antarctica ensured a phenomenal event success. Hermann Reuther quickly agreed with Johnson & Johnson on the topic of Antarctica and undertook the task on placing the focus on the party topic of ice, penguins and snow.

This is how “Entertainment with a Concept” works

All 350 salespeople received a tailcoat, fins and a mask with a penguin beak. The elevators in the hotel were blocked and so they waddled through the whole hotel to the room, which was decked out as a winter landscape and served as a venue of the party topic. This example shows impressively, the idea of Reuthers topic parties: Entertainment with concept is our philosophy and this also means that location, decoration, catering, artists and attractions, backdrop and guests follow a common style” explains Hermann Reuther.

Similarly consistent as the legendary Penguin Party was the 20’s Classic Car Party where the guests were dressed as Mafiosi and the heads of the salesteam pulled up in classic cars. The women wore boas around their necks and on the tables there were cups instead of glasses. The whiskey stock was in the violin case and Charlie Chaplin completed the ’20’s-themed party with his stage appearance.

His wish is a Casablanca-Party

After all the events , that Hermann Reuther organized for his clients, he also has a very special own event idea that he would like to realize once: “Casablanca is my favorite movie”, admits Hermann Reuther and already starts planning the event in his mind, in which the location is transformed into Rick’s Café and a piano player plays “As time goes by”. Participants of course would also be inspired by the cult classic from 1942.

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