Topic “Health Promotion” and other well-known Speakers

Date: 2015-07-14 · Category: Entertainment

“The topic of health promotion is a matter of concern for us” says Hermann Reuther President of REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS

This is why he, together with his wife Adelheid, started the blog column “Topic of the Month” to give all that are interested practical advice on the topic of “Conscious Life- Healthy Life”. One of the new speakers in the Events Program from Reuthers is a professional in the field “Health promotion and prevention”. Prof.Dr. Michaela Axt-Gadermann is a professor of health promotion at the University of Coburg, health journalist and author – and is new in Reuthers speakers program.


“Health Promotion and Prevention” is only one big issue, which the speakers at Reuthers take on. Prof. Dr. Michaela Axt-Gadermann acts as a speaker for the topics “Attractiveness as a Motivating Factor for Healthy Behavior”, ”Lifestyle and Aging“ and much more. This makes her a speaker on the subject area Health & Lifestyle. But Reuthers has been working in event area since 1987 – and offers with other topics renowned speakers.

World famous speakers at Reuthers

Reinhold Messner, the most famous mountaineer speaks about the topics Motivation & Inspiration. Empathy, enthusiasm and motivation are in addition to Risk Management and Leadership the topics that are placed by him in the main center of interest. Zach Davis’ fame is based less on an exciting sport, but rather on his ability as a speaker and best-selling author. In addition to innovation that Zach Davis proves with PowerReading® and Time Intelligence © customers appreciate him for his simple, clear and informal training style – reason enough for Reuthers to have him as a speaker for “Personality & Success”.

Günter Hannich, convinces his audience with reasonable arguments and is known as a speaker and discussion partner for financial issues and crisis precaution. Here, the financial system is in focus, Günter Hannich vividly explains this and gives every listener a practical guide – and puts those responsible sometimes with their argumentation in a squeeze. But on the other hand when Dr. Jens Wegmann speaks about the financial crisis then the reason is to take those responsible for a ride, because Dr. Jens Wegmann is a Reuthers speaker in the field of comedy. Only one thing can be revealed: First, the presentation appears as a lecture, but then the cabaret characteristics start coming through and the delight in the audience will rise noticeably.

Reuthers speakers season every event with expertise and empathy

Reuthers is active since 1987 in the event area. This includes not only an empathetic speaker who informs subject-related and entertains skillfully, but also the the event management from the lighting up to catering. Reuthers offers in the event area the well know Enjoyment-Package, that satisfies all the requirements of the target groups and the event. A building block in Reuthers event concept are speakers who shine with knowledge and entertain the audience.

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