Emotions are the key

Date: 2016-06-29 · Category: Entertainment

Video Drone

The cosmetic models greet us with bright and beautiful smiles – and advertise for a night cream that has every woman looking flawless in the morning. Emotions. Do you want this cream too? For sure! Or you dear, gentlemen, would you like to be able to choose between numerous radiant beauties because they are addicted to your aftershaves fragrance? Yes, of course.

Then today we would like to welcome you in the land of marketing psychology. Big economic words are left out here, because there is something that commercials and corporate videos have in common: Emotions! To transfer these, present companies or to bring customers to a positive buying decision, professionals are needed.

Once professionally shot, a video is the means of communication that is very versatile – and – now a bit of economics – to skillfully expand the marketing mix: Companies and products are presented emotionally at trade fairs and conferences, but also in presentations, the internet, on television and in the movies – with a story that stays in your head.

The question isn’t do you need a video – but who produces it?

The range of services Reuthers has is vast in this area. Whether meeting, conference, trade fair, advertising, image film or TV-production – Reuthers finds the approach to also address your target audience emotionally. Celebrities in demand? No problem for Reuthers – thanks to 30-years of experience there are contacts to many well-known artists.

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