Worldwide Reuthers Motorcycle Tours Program in a livestream

Date: 2017-11-16 · Category: Company

Reuthers Live Stream

Fans of Reuthers motorcycle tours are already on tenterhooks, because on November 26, 2017, the current travel program for the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Europe will be presented. At 11 am, President and long-time motorcyclist Hermann Reuther will present his live stream to the bikers in the German-speaking countries. At 8 pm the live stream in the English language will follow, so that the fans in the USA, New Zealand etc. are also informed about the new offers.

It is quite clear that many motorcycle fans have penned in the date in their calendar. After all, they will learn in the live stream what’s new and can also ask questions during the live stream chat. An arduous journey to a live presentation is unnecessary, instead, the program presentation can be enjoyed online and conveniently from home. On the one hand, Hermann Reuther offers his clients the highest possible level of comfort and, on the other hand, he also follows the latest trend for product presentation via live stream. Clearly the pioneers here are world-class companies such as Apple and Microsoft, who have been taking advantage of live streaming for some time and passing it on to their customers.

Reuthers Travel – the guarantee for Dream Trips

Reuthers invests a great deal of time and energy in the selection and compilation of the Motorcycle Tours Program to meet the different demands and wishes of his demanding clients. So, for every trip there are different versions. Guided, Semi Guided and Self-Drive Tours allow highest individuality. The participant can also choose between a Harley-Davidson and a BMW motorcycle to help configure his trip. Bikers have been booking their Motorcycle Tours with Reuthers since 1997. The participants are thrilled and most come again and again to experience a new journey on motorcycles with like-minded people: A tour that remains in your memory for a long time…

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