Reuthers Rewards – the new bonus program for loyal clients

Date: 2016-04-21 · Category: Company


Reuthers introduces a new version of its popular bonus program and thus ensures that you can benefit from a lucrative discount on your booking as a loyal client even more quickly. Now you can not only look forward to exciting rental car tours or thrilling motorcycle tours with your beloved Harley-Davidson, but you can save even more when booking these unique experiences. The former loyalty program “Tours & More” is now called “Reuthers Rewards” so that you can more easily take advantage of the loyalty bonus.

The new loyalty program Reuthers Rewards

Whether you want to experience the best parts of the United States or want to take part in one of the New Zealand Tours and have an unforgettable adventure, the new loyalty program is more attractive than ever before. After all, you can immediately collect the highly sought-after Reuthers Rewards with each booking and thus work towards an additional discount on your next trip. Reuthers Rewards are credited to your account right after your booking and in accordance with the value of your booking in Euros. For upcoming bookings, you will simply have to decide how many Reuthers Rewards you would like to trade in for what discount. As a special highlight, the discount can be even transmitted to your family members so that you can treat yourself to a fun vacation with your entire family. The following discount levels are available as part of the new Reuthers bonus program:

From   5,000 Reuthers Rewards = 2% discount (off regular price)
From 10,000 Reuthers Rewards = 3% discount (off regular price)
From 15,000 Reuthers Rewards = 4% discount (off regular price)
From 20,000 Reuthers Rewards = 5% discount (off regular price)

If you are among the most loyal of all Reuthers clients, you may be able to benefit from the so-called “Lifetime Status”. For the rest of your life, this discount of 10% on all future bookings is your reward for your loyalty. As such, the Reuthers Rewards loyalty program sets entirely new standards.

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