Reuthers Affiliate Partner Program – commissions for website operators

Date: 2018-01-18 · Category: Company

Reuthers Affiliate Partner Programm

The new year has barely begun, and Reuthers has some news to report. True to the motto: “Standstill is a step backwards”, President Hermann Reuther now presents a new Affiliate Partner Program, which offers attractive earning possibilities.

Numerous companies are already using this sales channel quite successfully. From now on, Reuthers will be joining this group. And the best part? Beside REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS, also the partners benefit from this who sign up for the Affiliate Program and contribute to the success of the company.

In addition to a registration bonus of 100 Euros, participating website operators receive attractive commissions for every transaction received by Reuthers via their website. This means that in the future every booking of a motorcycle, photo, bus or rental car trip will be worth cash money for the partners. This is made possible through individual partner links that are integrated into the web page. Apart from that, web page operators also have advertising banners at their disposal, which offer an additional marketing option and thus further revenue opportunities.

Easy registration for the Affiliate Program

Interested parties can use the contact form to get in touch with Reuthers and they will receive information about the affiliate program. Prospective participants will be evaluated and will receive an affiliate partner contract, an individual partner link with ID, as well as various advertising banners to choose from. Any booking made subsequently via this website will be rewarded with the agreed commission. With the first commission payment, the registration bonus of 100 Euros will be paid out.

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