LIKEs for Reuthers pays off

Date: 2014-07-24 · Category: Company

Loyalty Program

The hoarding of LIKEs and virtual friends seems to have become the new popular sport

The basic principle is indeed worthy of all honor, considering that you can make new friends across regional borders and exchange ideas on various topics. Therefore, in order to talk in the social media language: LIKE this. But the fact that more and more massive misuse is done with the positive statements, requires a disLIKE.

Honesty is still the best policy. And what it is the ultimate battle for LIKEs in social networks about? The point is that you are liked as a person or a company or being recommended – and it’s about loyalty. And nevertheless, this is only valid if it’s honest.

It is this point that the Reuthers Rewards Program “Tours & More” is aiming at, because those who participate in one of the Reuthers Dream Tours can earn points and thus save money. Two percent discount on 5,000 T&M points, three percent discount on 10,000 T&M points, four percent discount on 15,000 T&M points and even five percent discount of 20,000 T&M points for the unique offers from Reuthers.

“Win Your Dream Tour”

In addition, Reuthers would currently like to reward the participants in the Motorcycle Dream Tours. If you book a tour from the Reuthers offer until December 2014, you will take part in the sweepstakes and maybe win the complete dream tour.