Reuthers Children Charity – Donation to the Coburger Tafel

Date: 2017-12-07 · Category: Charity

Reuthers Children Charity Donation

Thank You again to the Great tour participants from the Anniversary Tour “Berlin-Moscow 2017” who donated the total amount of EUR 1600 to the “Reuthers Children Charity”.

After intensive considerations who and what the “Reuthers Children Charity” is going to support this year, we finally decided for a donation to the “Coburger Tafel e. V.” where needy families and kids get food for living.

Our Charity’s principle has always been to donate goods instead of money and so Adelheid and Hermann Reuther went shopping on the 6th of December 2017 and purchased organic food and goods for babies and toddlers in the total amount of EUR 1661,20 at tegut. This generous shop in Coburg even put organic baby nappies on top, worth EUR 146,29 – and a curious lady, who wondered what they were doing with 8! loaded shopping carts, paid for 6 baby food glasses and did a spontanous donation on the spot. Thank You for this Great gesture.

Right after the van was loaded, the goods were delivered to the “Coburger Tafel e. V.” and Mrs. Edda Kroos already welcomed Adelheid and Hermann Reuther with a Big Thank You. Thank You to you, Mrs. Kroos and all the others in your organisation for your voluntary work in helping needy families and their kids who are really struggling to survive in a wealthy country like Germany.

Thank You also to Adelheid Reuther who takes care of the “Reuthers Children Charity” with lots of love since 1998 and personally makes sure that all donations really arrive 1:1 where they are needed…

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