Thank You for a GREAT tour!

Date: 2010-07-04 · Category: USA

Thank You to all participants who joined our last Route 66 motorcycle tour in June 2010. It’s been a phantastic tour with wonderful people, beautiful weather and rumbling Harley-Davidson Motorcycles – just another Reuthers Dreamtour! What else do we look for. The next Route 66 motorcycle tour is starting July 6, 2010…


Congratulations for Independence Day 2010

Date: 2010-07-04 · Category: USA

I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the USA for their Independence Day 2010 – God bless the USA and all Americans! When looking at the history of this wonderful country, you will notice that brave settlers came from all over the world to build a BETTER WORLD. Their goal has been FREEDOM and PEACE. Although – like in all societies – some people misused and unfortunately still misuse Great goals for their doubtful purposes, all Americans can be proud of their country and should continue to following their ancestor’s honorable goals – even more, the whole world should follow and we all deserve a BETTER WORLD in FREEDOM and PEACE!


Florida is calling for a Ladies Ride!

Date: 2010-04-20 · Category: USA

Kia Ora Folks and especially Kia Ora to all motorcycle riding Ladies!

This morning I was sitting on my desk and working on paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. Then I started to browse a little bit on our website and found a page, that was “untouched” for the last months. How can this be? Our whole website team is working day and night to keep everything on a current basis and the “Ladies Rides” page was not.
Straight away I remembered several ladies talking to me while on tour “Hermann, how about tours especially for ladies?”. They even told me about their special wishes… and, the tourguide MUST be male for “safety and security reasons”. Ok, here we are. Our first 8 Day Ladies Ride starts in the sunshine state of > Florida March 4 till March 11, 2011 < All ladies are very welcome to ask for details and to join this amazing dreamtour!
> See the Florida Video Impressions!
Till later, Hermann.


Florida Video Impressions Online!

Date: 2010-03-30 · Category: USA

Hello Folks, today we finished the production of our new Florida Video. From November 2010 all of you are welcome to join our new Florida Tours – either on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles or in our comfortable mini bus. Enjoy the Video Impressions Florida.
Ride Safe and Have Fun!

Yours, Hermann Reuther


Greetings from Ocala, Florida!

Date: 2010-03-18 · Category: USA

Hi Folks!

Just travelling around Florida on a so called Scouting Tour to check out and set up the new Reuthers Florida Dream Tours. There will be several improvements compared to the first announced itinerary and the full description with beautiful pictures as well as the Video Impressions Florida will be online before Easter, end of March!

Today I visited a Horse Race Champions Ranch in Ocala and Chris, the owner, explained how to make the real champions… Will keep you posted – tomorrow I am in Saint Augustine and after learning more about the historical town, I am heading straight to Daytona Beach.

See you soon, Hermann.


Thanks for this lifetime experience

Date: 2010-01-20 · Category: USA

It has always been a dream of mine: the mother road an a HD!

In summer 2009 Hermann made it real!

A fantastic tour, great people, perfectly organised (including the weather!), marvelous experience.

Let me use this blog to say again: “Thanks for letting me join you on this dreamtour. Looking forward seeing more of the world on a Harley with you!”