Reuthers Finance ermöglicht Urlaub auf Raten

Date: 2016-01-10 · Category: Travel


Mit Reuthers Finance zeitlich flexibel den Traumurlaub antreten

Dieses Szenario kennen viele unserer Kunden: Sie haben sich bei Reuthers förmlich unsterblich in eine Traumtour verliebt und wünschen sich nun, diese Traumreise in die USA, nach Neuseeland, Australien, Kanada, Europa oder Südafrika anzutreten. Doch eines hindert Sie daran, mit einem verbindlichen Klick die Reise zu buchen – und das ist das leidige Thema Finanzen. > read more…



How is Whiskey actually made?

Date: 2015-11-24 · Category: Travel


The making of whiskey is comparatively simple: It is obtained by a special distillation process from grain

Then it has to mature in oak barrels until it is bottled. Who now believes that the whiskey always tastes the same is wrong, because the taste is also dependent on the raw materials, the production process and the barrel. The choice of raw materials that are used in the whiskey production is of particular importance: Only a small percentage of the harvest is suitable for the necessary malting process in the whiskey production. After selecting the correct yeast the production can start. > read more…



Wie wird eigentlich Whiskey hergestellt?

Date: 2015-11-24 · Category: Travel

Die Herstellung von Whiskey ist vergleichsweise simpel: Er wird durch ein spezielles Destillationsverfahren aus Getreide gewonnen

Anschließend muss er im Holzfass reifen, bis er abgefüllt wird. Wer nun glaubt, dass der Whiskey immer gleich schmeckt, irrt sich, denn der Geschmack ist neben den Rohstoffen und dem Herstellverfahren auch abhängig vom Fass. Der Auswahl der Rohstoffe kommt bei der Whiskey Herstellung eine besondere Bedeutung zu: Nur ein geringer Prozentsatz der Ernte eignet sich zum für die Whiskey Herstellung nötigen Mälzen. Nach der Auswahl der richtigen Hefe kann produziert werden. > read more…



Tibet: Riding On Top Of The World

Date: 2015-03-11 · Category: Travel


From Kathmandu via Lhasa to the Mount Everest base camp

After a first Tibet Expedition in 2012 we are now considering the next adventure riding on “Top Of The World” in Tibet. Enjoy the > Video



The Reuthers Tibet Expedition 2011 is over, but the memories remain!

Date: 2011-11-06 · Category: Travel

First of all:

It’s been a real lifetime experience no one in the group wants to miss:  your personal limits.

Although several tour participants were suffering from high altitude sickness by riding in more than 5000 meters (approx. 16500 feet), the magnificant scenery, the fresh (thin) air, a blue sky you will not find anywhere else on this planet and of course the friendly people of Tibet, helped you in continuing the adventure or better expedition.

As previously said, it’s been a lifetime experience and after coming back home and considering safety for our valued clients and the unpredictable risks and circumstances we faced, we finally made the decision to better stop with further motorcycle tours in that area.

Enjoy the Video Impressions Tibet from our one and only Tibet Motorcyle Expedition.

Yours, Hermann Reuther.



Tibet Motorcycle Expedition starts this Sunday

Date: 2011-09-24 · Category: Travel

It’s time to leave for our first Tibet Motorcycle Expedition starting this Sunday from Kathmandu in Nepal. All participants are very excited to learn more about the culture and scenery in this amazing part of the world. Visiting the Buddhism capital Lhasa and riding to the Mount Everest Base Camp (5500m) for sure will be one of the biggest highlights in our life. We call it Expedition as it is much more than just a trip, or a tour, or an adventure! Will keep you updated whenever we have internet access. Yours, Hermann.



Lifetime experience: Tibet and the roof of the world

Date: 2011-05-22 · Category: Travel

On top of the “Bucket List“: Lhasa in Tibet. Now Your dream comes true.

The 17 days Tibet Tour from 27 September – 13 October 2011 starts in Kathmandu in Nepal and passes the Himalaya to the capital of the buddhism, to Lhasa in Tibet and to the Mount Everest Base Camp. You travel by Royal Enfield motorcycle or in a cross country vehicle. More > Tibet Motorcycle Tours > Enjoy the Video