“The World’s Fastest Indian” Engine

Date: 2012-02-28 · Category: New Zealand

The World's Fastest Indian Engine

This is the original engine from the “The World’s Fastest Indian”, built by the New Zealander Burt Monro. You can see it in Invercargill as part of the Reuthers New Zealand Tours from now on. By the way, they used a Ducati engine for the movie with Sir Anthony Hopkins. A Great movie and worth to see. Enjoy the > trailer


Unvergessliche Neuseeland-Tour mit dem Motorrad

Date: 2011-11-08 · Category: Off Topic

Die Motorradclique meines Mannes plante mal wieder eine Reise. Diesmal sollte es nach Neuseeland gehen und ich sollte mitkommen. Ich hatte etwas Angst auf so einem heißen Ofen zu sitzen, doch wir fanden die geniale Lösung: Geführte Motorradreisen mit Begleitfahrzeug. So konnte ich also Neuseeland gemeinsam mit meinem Mann entdecken und entspannt im Begleitfahrzeug reisen.

Wir buchten eine Motorradreise durch den Süden Neuseelands. Es wurden elf unvergessliche Tage. Erstens war für alles gesorgt und wir hatten wirklich den besten Reiseleiter, den man sich denken konnte. Zweitens waren die Erlebnisse rund um Landschaften und Sehenswürdigkeiten einmalig faszinierend.

Mich hat beispielsweise Westport begeistert. Diese ehemalige Goldgräberstadt bereisten wir am vierten Tag. In vergangenen Zeiten zog das Gold viele Menschen in diese Gegend. Heute wollen die meisten Reisenden die Robbenkolonie mit eigenen Augen sehen, die sich das ganze Jahr am Cape Foulwind aufhält. Für mich war das eine Erfahrung, die ich wohl nie vergessen werde. Solche Tiere einmal hautnah zu erleben, hätte ich mir nie träumen lassen.

Als wir am fünften Tag von Greymouth nach Franz Josef fuhren passierte mir etwas, womit weder mein Mann noch ich gerechnet hätten. Die Landschaft um uns herum hat mich förmlich beflügelt. Wir fuhren durch grünen Regenwald und entlang der Tasmanischen See. Ein Freiheitsgefühl überkam mich und ich verspürte den Drang, diese Landschaft auf dem Motorrad wahrzunehmen. Von diesem Tag an fuhr ich tatsächlich als Beifahrer auf der Harley durch Neuseeland.


The Reuthers Tibet Expedition 2011 is over, but the memories remain!

Date: 2011-11-06 · Category: Travel

Reuthers Tibet Expedition 2011

First of all:

It’s been a real lifetime experience no one in the group wants to miss:  your personal limits.

Although several tour participants were suffering from high altitude sickness by riding in more than 5000 meters (approx. 16500 feet), the magnificant scenery, the fresh (thin) air, a blue sky you will not find anywhere else on this planet and of course the friendly people of Tibet, helped you in continuing the adventure or better expedition.

As previously said, it’s been a lifetime experience and after coming back home and considering safety for our valued clients and the unpredictable risks and circumstances we faced, we finally made the decision to better stop with further motorcycle tours in that area.

Enjoy the video impressions from our one and only Tibet Motorcyle Expedition.

Yours, Hermann Reuther.


Movie and Video Productions by REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS

Date: 2011-11-06 · Category: Off Topic

Since 1987 REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS with its brand Reuthers is organising events by “entertainment with concept”. This full service means to provide artists & attractions, catering service, promotion service and a media service with sound and light systems as well as movie and video productions for documentations and presentations. Enjoy the current video impressions from several Reuthers Motorcycle Tours, learn more about artists and attractions and see some comments from the founder and president Hermann Reuther > Reuthers TV



Date: 2011-10-31 · Category: Company

Hello Folks! This is Dolores with her Harley-Davidson sidecar. In 2007 she already joined a Route 66 Tour with us and everytime we since stopped in Springfield / Illinois, she welcomed our tour groups at the hotel. Now Dolores just signed up for the Reuthers Anniversary Tour in July 2012 and on Day 1 she will even celebrate her 75th birthday with us… You can be sure there is a special surprise for her. This lady is simply GREAT and I look forward to riding with her again. Yours, Hermann.


Tibet Motorcycle Expedition starts this Sunday

Date: 2011-09-24 · Category: Travel

It’s time to leave for our first Tibet Motorcycle Expedition starting this Sunday from Kathmandu in Nepal. All participants are very excited to learn more about the culture and scenery in this amazing part of the world. Visiting the Buddhism capital Lhasa and riding to the Mount Everest Base Camp (5500m) for sure will be one of the biggest highlights in our life. We call it Expedition as it is much more than just a trip, or a tour, or an adventure! Will keep you updated whenever we have internet access. Yours, Hermann.


Reuthers Harley-Davidson Alps + Lakes Motorcycle Dream Tour

Date: 2011-09-11 · Category: Europe

Hello Folks! We just published the new video impressions from Reuthers Harley-Davidson Alps + Lakes Motorcycle Tours in Europe – recorded in August and September 2011. Learn more about several highlights like Munich, Hofbraeuhaus, Lakes, Alps, Grossglockner High Alpine Road,  Zugspitze – the top of Germany, Castle Neuschwanstein of King Ludwig II, Lake Constance, 16th century town Riquewihr in France, Kloster Andechs and many more
> Video

And for all who would like to see more from a Harley Ride to the Edelweiss Spitze on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road – just see this recording from myself in August 2011
> Video

Enjoy the videos. Your comments are appreciated.


The new Canada Video Impressions are online. Enjoy!

Date: 2011-07-17 · Category: Off Topic

Hello Folks! We just finished our Canada Scouting Tour and it’s been really Great. What a beautiful country and ideal for the upcoming Motorcycle Tours from 2012! We invite you to enjoy the > Video Impressions
> For more information


Victory Hammer vs Harley-Davidson V-Rod

Date: 2011-07-17 · Category: Harley-Davidson

Hello Folks! I just found this Video and I am curious what you think about it.


Get Your Kicks On Route 66!

Date: 2011-05-30 · Category: USA

Hermann the German
Hello Folks! Everything is prepared and lots of fun is programmed for our next Route 66 Guided Dream Tour starting 7 June 2011 . Tonight I am already on my way to Chicago and making the last arrangements for our Riders from South Africa, England and Germany. Will keep you updated whenever we have internet access on along the mother road…! HD4VR, Hermann the German.


New Date for Reuthers Golf Trophy in South Africa!

Date: 2011-05-22 · Category: South Africa

Reuthers Golf Trophy

Reuthers Golf Trophy in South Africa means dream experience for motorcycle riders and golfers – on a Harley to four of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

Date: 21. October – 1. November 2012

For non golfers there will be an alternate program and for non motorcyclists there will be a mini bus shuttle. Participation is limited  > more


Lifetime experience: Tibet and the roof of the world

Date: 2011-05-22 · Category: Travel

On top of the “Bucket List“: Lhasa in Tibet. Now Your dream comes true.

Tibet Motorcycle Tours by Reuthers

The 17 days Tibet Tour from 27 September – 13 October 2011 starts in Kathmandu in Nepal and passes the Himalaya to the capital of the buddhism, to Lhasa in Tibet and to the Mount Everest Base Camp. You travel by Royal Enfield motorcycle or in a cross country vehicle. More > Tibet Motorcycle Tours > Enjoy the Video


Fulfilling your requests: Reuthers Ladies Ride in Florida

Date: 2011-05-22 · Category: USA

For 9 – 16 November 2012 we have scheduled another tour especially for the motorcyce riding ladies. Enjoy sunhshine, palms, beaches and lots of culture in Florida. For our demanding ladies there is also an Original American Barbecue at a race horse farm as well as a shopping day at one of the world’s biggest malls…
> learn more


European Song Contest – Glückwunsch an Ell und Nikki!

Date: 2011-05-15 · Category: Entertainment

Nachdem Deutschland durch die Vorjahres-Siegerin Lena ohne einen neuerlichen Wettbewerb innerhalb unseres Landes beim European Song Contest vertreten wurde, gab es viele Stimmen gegen solch eine Verfahrensweise. Ich bin froh, daß letztendlich der beste Song aus Aserbaidschan beim European Song Contest gewonnen hat. Herzliche Gratulation an das sympatische und natürliche Duo Ell und Nikki.


Disaster in Japan

Date: 2011-03-13 · Category: Off Topic

We express our sadness over the recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan. Our thoughts are with the people and all who help.

Hermann Reuther with family and the whole Reuthers team.


Bewußt Leben – Gesund Bleiben

Date: 2011-02-18 · Category: Lifestyle

Aus aktuellem Anlaß auch auf diesem Weg Gute Besserung, O. Und wer mehr wissen möchte zum Thema “Bewußt Leben – Gesund Bleiben”, hier ein Auszug aus dem gleichnamigen Vortrag mit meiner Frau Adelheid > Persönliche Tips zum Besseren Leben.


Paradise New Zealand is calling – I am on my way!

Date: 2011-01-01 · Category: New Zealand

Hello Folks! After New Years firework with my wife Adelheid and my son Marcus, I left for the airport in Munich at 3:00 am to arrive there right in time.

Fortunately I got an earlier flight to London Heathrow and so there is NO hurry anymore due to a very close connecting flight and the winter weather in Bavaria.

At present I am sitting in the Star Alliance Lounge and wait for my Air New Zealand flight NZ1 from London to Auckland via Los Angeles.

We will post current information from the New Zealand Paradise Tour on Facebook and we hope to do so every day, at least every two days – depending on available internet connection in Paradise.

Comments and Questions on my / our posts on Facebook and Blogs on this site are very welcome.

Have a Happy New Year, all together!

Till later,


“Reuthers Golf Trophy 2011” in South Africa

Date: 2010-12-16 · Category: South Africa

Hello Folks! We proudly present the Reuthers Golf Trophy 2011″ in South Africa – a dream experience for motorcycle riders and golfers. Enjoy riding a Harley Davidson to four of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. Date: 30 Oct to 10 Nov 2011.


Merry Christmas And A Happy And Peaceful New Year!

Date: 2010-12-14 · Category: Company

Hello Folks! We would like to wish You and everybody in this world A Merry Christmas And A Happy And Peaceful New Year 2011. Thanks to all our clients and friends who made it a Great year 2010 – be sure also in 2011 we are providing the Reuthers World Of Enjoyment. Instead of sending Christmas postcards and presents, we prefer supporting the Reuthers Children Charity for helping needy children. Thank You and All the Best, Hermann Reuther & The Reuthers Team.


The Reuthers Shop is Online!

Date: 2010-11-20 · Category: Company

Hello Folks! It took a while to do the right thing, but now it’s done. The Reuthers Shop is Online! Take a seat at home, relax and browse in the shop categories Lifestyle, Travel, Motorcycle, Bicycle and Kids. Here you find selected products. If you like a wider range of products – just click on Mall and you find EVERTHING from A to Z. The main focus at Reuthers of course are wellbeing and health products – natural and organic – as well as home and travel lifestyle accessories to help make a better life. By the way, the Reuthers Shop is “approved and powered by Amazon” and this secures reliable delivery as well as easy and safe payment for you. Right in time for the 25 years anniversary of Reuthers in 2012 we will present our own Reuthers Collection pretty soon. Enjoy the > Reuthers Shopping World…!


Norma Normale – ein neuer Star im Deutschen Showgeschäft!

Date: 2010-11-20 · Category: Entertainment

Was für eine Freude – endlich wieder ein Star für Menschen. Norma Normale verkörpert Lebensfreude, Lustigkeit, Fröhlichkeit und gibt diese auch noch weiter an ihr begeistertes Publikum. So trifft denn eine der vielen Pressestimmen ihr Wirken auf den Punkt: Norma Normale – eine oder besser DIE Komik Revue der Extraklasse! Neben ihren reinen Bühnenshows, wahlweise mit ein oder zwei Gast Stars, steht in nächster Zeit zusätzlich auch die Produktion des Rita Pavone Gassenhauers “Wenn ich ein Junge wär” auf dem Programm. Man darf gespannt sein auf die Neu-Produktion und die zahlreichen kommenden Aktivitäten in Funk und Fernsehen…

Norma Normale

Weitere Informationen:  Web | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

First Harley-Davidson Ride for Marcus Reuther

Date: 2010-08-29 · Category: Harley-Davidson

Hello Folks! Last Saturday and Sunday Marcus Reuther had his first passenger rides on my Harley-Davidson Heritage Springer. He just turned 8 years and his feet reach the foot rests and this indicates he is ready to ride.

Marcus Reuther just started riding Harley-Davidson as a passenger

Marcus had such a lot of fun, so now he got his first outfit. What comes next Marcus?


Thank You for a GREAT tour!

Date: 2010-07-04 · Category: USA

Thank You to all participants who joined our last Route 66 motorcycle tour in June 2010. It’s been a phantastic tour with wonderful people, beautiful weather and rumbling Harley-Davidson Motorcycles – just another Reuthers Dreamtour! What else do we look for. The next Route 66 motorcycle tour is starting July 6, 2010…


Congratulations for Independence Day 2010

Date: 2010-07-04 · Category: USA

I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the USA for their Independence Day 2010 – God bless the USA and all Americans! When looking at the history of this wonderful country, you will notice that brave settlers came from all over the world to build a BETTER WORLD. Their goal has been FREEDOM and PEACE. Although – like in all societies – some people misused and unfortunately still misuse Great goals for their doubtful purposes, all Americans can be proud of their country and should continue to following their ancestor’s honorable goals – even more, the whole world should follow and we all deserve a BETTER WORLD in FREEDOM and PEACE!


Help! Proposal to stop BP oil disaster

Date: 2010-06-04 · Category: Off Topic

Help! In order trying to help, I kindly ask everyone who sees this Blog to forward the information and following link to as many people as possible to make sure it finally arrives at BP officials to consider this solution stopping the oil disaster which is otherwise possibly becoming one of the worst, if not even the worst environment catastrophe on this planet. http://tinyurl.com/36739ft


European Song Contest(!)

Date: 2010-06-01 · Category: Entertainment

Congratulations to Lena Meyer-Landrut for winning the European Song Contest. However, I disagree with the idea Lena Meyer-Landrut should sing for Germany at the European Song Contest next year without a prior contest in Germany. Remember, this is a yearly song contest(!) and the idea is to find the best song and singer to represent an European country. For sure Germany has more singers to offer who are working very hard for participating and all of them should get the same chance in the coming years like Lena Meyer-Landrut got this year. What about the previous idea of a song written by a German for a German singer to represent Germany at this European Song Contest? Isn’t / wasn’t this the idea of this European Song Contest?


New Activity: Reuthers Artist Management

Date: 2010-05-11 · Category: Entertainment

As you know, Reuthers is coming from organising special events by Entertainment at its Best and with concept. Beside the Travel and Tours division we are again getting more and more involved in events and decided to build up Reuthers Artist Management as well. Exclusive Stars and Attractions by Reuthers. More information coming soon. This all belongs and is another step to the ” Reuthers World Of Enjoyment”…


Reuthers goes Classic!

Date: 2010-05-11 · Category: Entertainment

Kia Ora Folks! Last Sunday I visited a Verdi Gala Night in Munich, Schloss Nymphenburg and was very impressed by the concert. It’s been a pleasure meeting the singers and especially Rafael Cavero, the fantastic Tenor. The audience was very pleased, too and so I decided to extend our worldwide Entertainment Division with Classical Events in the near future. More information coming soon! Till later, Hermann.


Florida is calling for a Ladies Ride!

Date: 2010-04-20 · Category: USA

Kia Ora Folks and especially Kia Ora to all motorcycle riding Ladies!
This morning I was sitting on my desk and working on paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. Then I started to browse a little bit on our website and found a page, that was “untouched” for the last months. How can this be? Our whole website team is working day and night to keep everything on a current basis and the “Ladies Rides” page was not.


Straight away I remembered several ladies talking to me while on tour “Hermann, how about tours especially for ladies?”. They even told me about their special wishes… and, the tourguide MUST be male for “safety and security reasons”. Ok, here we are. Our first 8 Days Ladies Ride starts in the sunshine state of > Florida March 4 till March 11, 2011 < All ladies are very welcome to ask for details and to join this amazing dreamtour!
See the Florida Video Impressions. Till later, Hermann.


Updated Sweepstakes to win a Route 66 Dream Vacation

Date: 2010-04-15 · Category: Sweepstakes

Kia Ora Folks! We just updated our Reuthers Anniversary Sweepstakes to win a Route 66 Dream Vacation. From now on also our Facebook Fans take part in the sweepstakes and this is absolutely fair! So, for the first monthly pre-draw we now need 100 Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans (previously Twitter Followers only) together. Unfortunately this Wednesday we missed it, but now combined with our coming Facebook Fans and another week between, we should be able to get at least the necessary 100 Followers and Fans! The sooner YOU follow us on Twitter and/or become a Facebook Fan, the higher are YOUR winning chances, because besides the first prize there are monthly pre-draws, where in addition you can win valuable vouchers.
Till later, Hermann.


Bare essentials of safety from Air New Zealand

Date: 2010-04-05 · Category: New Zealand

Kia Ora Folks!
Another refreshing Video from Air New Zealand.
As usual EVERYBODY on board is watching…
Enjoy > Bare essentials of safety on board.
Till later, Hermann.


Robbie Williams on Air New Zealand flight – Nothing To Hide!

Date: 2010-04-05 · Category: New Zealand

Kia Ora Folks, I am back in Germany!
Met Robbie Williams on an Air New Zealand flight from Los Angeles to London. A nice person and neighbour while travelling in the “best airline on earth”. Have a look on Air NZ’s Video “Nothing To Hide” and you know why I like the video and airline. Enjoy.
Till later, Hermann.


Dream vacation Route 66 can be won by Reuthers Twitter Followers!

Date: 2010-04-01 · Category: Sweepstakes

For the 25-year Anniversary of REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS we have come up with something quite special. As special guest during the whole Reuthers Anniversary Trip Route 66, Wolfgang Fierek the popular actor, singer and Harley-Davidson enthusiast will accompany us. And YOU can win this trip – with the big Reuthers Anniversary Sweepstakes. The sooner YOU follow us on Twitter, the higher are YOUR winning chances, because besides the first prize there are monthly pre-draws, where in addition you can win valuable vouchers > Follow Us On Twitter…!
Happy Easter, Hermann.


Florida Video Impressions Online!

Date: 2010-03-30 · Category: USA

Hi Folks, today we finished the production of our new Florida Video.  From November 2010 all of you are welcome to join our new Florida Tours – either on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles or in our comfortable mini bus. Enjoy the Video Impressions Florida.
Ride Safe and Have Fun!
Yours, Hermann Reuther


Greetings from Ocala, Florida!

Date: 2010-03-18 · Category: USA

Hi Folks!
Oskar and myself, Hermann, are just travelling around Florida on a so called Scouting Tour to check out and set up the new Reuthers Florida Dream Tours. There will be several improvements compared to the first announced itinerary and the full description with beautiful pictures as well as the Video Impressions Florida will be online before Easter, end of March!


Today we visited a Horse Race Champions Ranch in Ocala and Chris, the owner, explained how to make the real champions…
We will keep you posted – tomorrow we are in Saint Augustine and after learning more about the historical town, we are heading straight to Daytona Beach.
See you soon, Hermann.


Follow us on Twitter!

Date: 2010-03-18 · Category: Company

Hi Folks,
Reuthers is now part of the worldwide Twitter community and invite you to follow us on http://twitter.com/reuthers
Best Wishes, Hermann.


What a day in Paradise…!

Date: 2010-02-15 · Category: New Zealand

Kia Ora Everybody!


What a day in Paradise… Today 9 of us took the helicopter for a glacier landing on Franz Josef Glacier. Amazing. Sunshine and a snow landing high up the glacier. After that, I took a Quad Tour and tried out what we will offer from our next New Zealand Tours. Choose from the Helicopter Flight or a Quad Tour in Franz Josef as an option – or choose both to make the most of our afternoon and evening. That’s what I did… More coming soon.
Greetings to all of you, Hermann.


Greetings from our Paradise Tour New Zealand!

Date: 2010-02-11 · Category: New Zealand

Kia Ora Everybody,

just want to let you know we are having a GREAT time in New Zealand. I am writing from Wellington, Day 9 of our Paradise Tour which started in the City of Sails, in Auckland. The weather is fantastic – summer temperatures and lots of sunshine in Paradise New Zealand…

More in the next days!

Best Wishes


Thanks for this lifetime experience

Date: 2010-01-20 · Category: USA

It has always been a dream of mine: the mother road an a HD!

In summer 2009 Hermann made it real!

A fantastic tour, great people, perfectly organised (including the weather!), marvelous experience.

Let me use this blog to say again: “Thanks for letting me join you on this dreamtour. Looking forward seeing more of the world on a Harley with you!”



Thank You for joining the South Africa Tour!

Date: 2010-01-18 · Category: South Africa

Just a BIG Thank You to Mary, Lynne and Chris for making the Wild Garden Tour a real Reuthers Dreamtour. Special Thanks to Oskar, our new Reuthers Team Member, for his Great help and taking many pictures and videos “for future generations…”. Riding an ostrich by Mary has been one of the highlights – beside riding our brandnew Harley-Davidson’s in such a wonderful country like South Africa, of course.  It’s been a pleasure having you all on tour and I am already looking forward to the next common adventure… Yours, Hermann.

Mary is riding an ostrich
Mary is riding an ostrich


Thank You for your donations in 2009

Date: 2009-12-21 · Category: Company

Dear clients and friends, on behalf of the children I would like to say “THANK YOU” for all your donations and help provided in 2009. The Reuthers Children Charity takes special care  and passes on all donations 1:1 to needy children. Thank You very much! Adelheid Reuther


Looking forward to S.Africa Wild Garden tour…

Date: 2009-12-20 · Category: South Africa

Tomorrow’s the big day!  I depart Phoenix, AZ for London, then a quick hop (10 hours!?) to Capetown, S. Africa.  I’ll be a wreck when I arrive, but I’ve got some time to get myself back together.


Work and Travel Visum Neuseeland

Date: 2009-12-20 · Category: New Zealand

Hallo Jane, so ein Work + Travel Visum in Neuseeland ist einfach zu bekommen. Man kann dann bis zu einem Jahr in Neuseeland leben und arbeiten und lernt so dieses wunderbare Land kennen. Für junge Leute eine tolle Sache, damit man den Blick für die Welt und seine unterschiedlichen Kulturen und Länder bekommt – man lernt dabei außer der Sprache Englisch, wie sie im Land gesprochen wird, noch sehr viel mehr. Einfach bei der Suchmaschine den Begriff Work and Travel Visum Neuseeland eingeben oder direkt beim New Zealand Immigration Service in London nachhaken. Hoffe, ich konnte Dir helfen und wünsche Viel Spaß, Erfolg und Glück im Paradies Neuseeland!


Enjoy Your Reuthers Dream Tour

Date: 2009-12-20 · Category: South Africa

Hi Folks, a BIG Thank You to our Team providing this platform to enable our clients blogging while on tour. A GREAT idea to let family, friends and others know what’s going on.  I am already looking forward to seeing you on our Wild Garden Tour in South Africa! Yours, Hermann – the German.


Enjoy Your Reuthers Dream Tour!

Date: 2009-12-20 · Category: New Zealand

Hi Folks, a BIG Thank You to our Team providing this platform to enable our clients blogging while on tour. A GREAT idea to let family, friends and others know what’s going on.  I am already looking forward to seeing you on our Paradise  Tour in New Zealand! Yours, Hermann – the German.


Date: 2009-12-19 · Category: South Africa

Here is a post!  I’m looking forward to our S. Africa Garden Tour next month.


Work and Travel Visum Neuseeland

Date: 2009-10-30 · Category: New Zealand

Ich interessiere mich sehr für Work&Travel. Wie komme ich in Neuseeland am besten an ein Visum? Hat jemand von euch vielleicht Erfahrungen?
Würde mich sehr über Antworten freuen.