Harley-Davidson V-/Night-Rod®

The fast, powerful and aggressive V-Rod ™ motorcycle is built for riders who want a little extra beef with their horsepower. Big meaty air scoops, muscle-bound mufflers, 240 mm rear tire, fastback-style tail section and massive airbox compliment the power of the 1250 cc liquid-cooled Revolution engine. Ride the V-Rod Muscle™ and experience the true definition of "power cruiser." This brawny beast is for performance enthusiasts who crave power and control, with a dash of intimidation, in a package that is all Harley-Davidson.

Seat Height:
Laden: 25.6 in. (650 mm)
Unladen: 26.7 in. (678 mm)

Fuel Capacy:
5 gal. (18.9 L)

Fuel Economy:
37 mpg (6.3 L/100 km)
(EPA urban/highway test):

In Running Order 640 lbs. (290.0 kg)